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ECOEVALIND ACTIVITIES: This is a professional association which integrates specialists from the environmental protection field, environmental auditors and evaluators. This organization was set up in consequence of  implementing the project of  of Environment Evaluators and Auditors National Centers - CNEAIR, financed by CIPE-USAID for founding the National Center of Environmental Auditors and Evaluators for Industry from Romania.  

The specialists from this organization are environmental managers, experts, auditors and evaluators, with great experience, from whom we have the possibility to select   those with the best performances, in order to form a team of evaluators for vocational competencies.

Being a vocational organization, it develops ceaseless training, formation, specialization and informing for the specialists of this field.

EXPERIENCE: The members of the organization have experience not only in the environmental protection field, but also in project management, implementing the documentation for  environmental management,  occupational quality and health, for environment evaluation and other studies in the environmental protection field.  

From the beginning over 180 specialists were trained and formed through the environmental auditors and evaluators forming program and they formed the ground of Environmental Evaluators and Auditors Center.

The members of the organization are the beneficiaries of projects like : CNEAIR project, financed by CIPE-USAID, CROSS-Olanda project.

The organization run vocational forming programs for different occupation with self-financing. For PHARE RO 2005/017-553. project, several specialists were selected in order to develop  qualifications in the environmental protection field.

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The ECOSIGN project ( will create an Eco-Innovation Skills Alliance in four European countries (Slovenia, Spain, Romania and Italy) with the goal of addressing the lack of knowledge of designers coming from three economic sectors: food packaging, electronic goods and clothing/textile. The Romanian partners are: Institutul Național de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Bioresurse Alimentare – IBA București, Asociația Auditorilor și Evaluatorilor de Mediu din Industrie ECOEVALIND, Comitetul Sectorial pentru Formare Profesională în Protecția Mediului - CSFPM.

ECOSIGN aims to design, develop and recognize a Joint Curricula for filling the gaps in eco-innovation skills for designers working in the Food packaging, textile and electronic sectors.

ECOSIGN aims to improve matching between VET provisions and skills needs by helping EU designers to acquire skills in eco design. Thus the added value of carrying out the project with partners from several European countries is evident, since one of the objectives of the project is to define an harmonized European Curricula and to draft training recommendations that can be adopted by training institutions in all EU countries.

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